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September 07 2012


Digital Marketing Agency

Belfast Digital Agency is a website designer based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We offer support with responsive web design.
Web Design Belfast
We’re a young agency founded in 2012, but carry big ambitions for our client's brands. Our aim is to deliver cutting edge digital solutions and campaigns that help support business growth.
Web Design Belfast
Within responsive web design, we provide design, build and retained maintenance of CMS driven dynamic systems that respond to desktops, tablets and mobile viewing offering consumers the best browsing experience format to suit their device.

We manage brand reputation on social channels as well as designing custom apps and defining strategy for marketing campaigns across Google . In addition to this we provide email support with strategy, design, systems and performance reports.

Video is strongly becoming the most effective way to communicate quickly and increase user engagement through online channels. We provide support with conceptualising, design, story direction and final production of animated/viral video campaigns, as well as branding channels, monetising content and embedding video content.

Finally we also provide organisations solutions for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Analytics, Consumer Research, Branding, Pay Per Click (PPC), Testing, Usability and User Experience (UX), leading to impactful reporting of Return of Investment (ROI) figures.

We work with businesses across Northern Ireland including Derry.

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